Target group

Headache treatment at its best is multidisciplinary. This is evident at modern tertiary headache centers which consist of  neurologists, doctors, specialised nurses, psychologists, psychiatrists, pharmacists, dentists and physiotherapists. We believe that these groups of health care specialists could benefit by becoming Masters of Headache Medicine. The Master Programme will qualify them to become key specialists in the treatment of headache disorders at:

  • tertiary headache centers
  • specialized neurological day-care clinics
  • private headache clinics
  • General medical practice

The Master of Headache Disorders thus invites applications with the above mentioned degrees and experience in the field of headache medicine to apply for admission. Read more on our admission criteria.  


Below are three testimonials from researchers and doctors associated with the Master of Headache Disorders (MHD).

Videoabout the need for headache specialists

Doctor Vlasta Vukovic highlights the need for health care professionals working with headache to know more about effective headache diagnosis in order to diagnose accurately and provide the right treatment to patients. (Opens in a new tab)

Video about how Master of Headache Disorders can improve your diagnostics and treatment skills

Prof. Rigmor Højland Jensen talks about how the Master of Headache Disorders can provide practitioners such as nurses and physiotherapists the theoretical and practical tools that can ensure better treatment of patients. (Opens in a new tab)

Video about the multidisciplinary approach in headache management and treatment

Doctor Henrik Schytz discusses the strong need for a multidisciplinary approach to headache management and treatment. A collaboration among different health professionals is needed to treat and manage headaches - how for instance psychologists can help patients with strategies on how to deal with headache in their everyday life. (Opens in a new tab)