Demand for headache specialists

World Health Organisation (WHO) lists migraine and other headache disorders as the most frequent neurological illness amongst all known diseases. Most headache disorders are well-defined and there are good treatment options for them. But there is a need for headache specialists that can provide quick and correct diagnoses in order to provide the patient with the right treatment.

Today only a few out of the many patients with headache disorders gets access to the right treatment due to a low treatment capacity and a lack of professional qualifications. Specialised competencies are also needed in order to examine new and improved medicines as well as provide the right medicine to the right patient.

Therefore the need for a continuing professional development programme in headache disorders is high and it is not limited to Denmark. In Europe only few specialists’ headache centers exist while there are none in India or Africa.

The University of Copenhagen and the Danish Headache Center are dedicated to meet the increasing demand for headache specialists, through the development of the Master of Headache Disorders.

Video desiplaying a headache patients need for specialist treatment

In this testimonial Mads, a headache disorder patient, explain why he has a need for healthcare professionals with a Master of Headache Disorders.