Rahele Indzere

Rahele Indzere

Headache Specialist within a non-medical framework
As a physiotherapist specialized in pain physiotherapy with special focus on the neck area, Rahele Indzere, sees many patients suffering from headache disorders. The great number of headache patients has raised the need for more knowledge.

”I am a physiotherapist who specializes in pain physiotherapy with special focus on the neck area and many of my patients come with headaches. Therefore, I felt a need to gain more knowledge about headache disorders”.

Through the Master of Headache Disorders, Rahele Indzere gains a more thorough understanding of different groups of headache patients and different treatment strategies. This includes knowledge of when she has the competences needed and when other specialists should be included.

Scientific expertise and critical thinking
According to Rahele Indzeres, the lecturers at the master’s programme do not only pass on knowledge, they also encourage critical reflection. The open and honest teaching approach allows for discussions of case studies, e.g. how insights from an unexpected outcome of a treatment strategy can be used to come up with a different strategy that might have a better effect.

Hard work, but worth the struggle
The Master of Headache Disorders is an academically hard programme according to Rahele Indzere. However, the interdisciplinary set-up of the programme, the open and dedicated lecturers, and her own enthusiasm make the programme easier to complete.

“I really recommend other physiotherapists to try”.

Teaching fellow physiotherapists
Besides providing better treatment to her patients, Rahele Indzeres’ ambition is to teach fellow physiotherapists in diagnosis and treatment of headache disorders.

“I would like to teach other physiotherapists how important it is to look at this complex disorder more widely and not to place headache patients in just one group.”

Using a scientific approach, Rahele Indzeres’ goal is to prepare a set of guidelines for physiotherapists in their work with headache patients.

“I want to make a paper on recommendations for work with headache patients in physiotherapy practice”.

Interview from 2019