Linda Zvaune

Linda Zvaune

Neurologist will improve headache treatment in Latvia
Linda Zvaune is a neurologist, pain specialist and lecturer.

”I chose the Master of Headache Disorders because I work with pain patients everyday”

She finds the work with headache patients challenging and wants to improve the headache treatment in Latvia. To do so, Dr. Zvaune intends to acquire a greater knowledge and clinical skills in the field, which she can use in the treatment of her headache patients.

Excellent lecturers and an open atmosphere
Through this master’s programme, Linda Zvaune strives to improve her scientific work and scientific literature reading in order to improve her own publications and the scientific field in general. She appreciates the lecturers’ expertise and open mind-set, which allows for discussions amongst students and lecturers.

“The lecturers’ knowledge is excellent. The atmosphere of the courses is friendly and open and we can freely discuss any questions”

Pass on the knowledge to future pain specialists
As a lecturer at Riga Stradins University, Linda Zvaune will pass on her new knowledge to her students, who might become tomorrow's headache specialists. This is another important step towards improving headache treatment in Latvia.

Interview from 2019