Kristin Husby Scheuer

Kristin Husby Scheuer works as Chief Physician and is now in the process of setting up a Headache Clinic at the hospital where she works. Kristin Husby Scheuer has been working as a neurologist and has taken a Ph.D. in Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia. The headache area is quite new to her.

Learning to set up headache clinics
Kristin Husby Scheuer got interested in the field of headache because of organizational changes at the hospital she works at. She is now involved in setting up a new headache clinic at the hospital.
”At the Hospital where I work, we are creating a new headache clinic. This awakened my interested in the headache area. The program is perfect for me because it helps me upgrade both the clinical part of my work, diagnostics and the therapeutic part. At the programme, we are also taught about the organizational part of setting up a heading clinic: How do you build it from scratch and things like that. The master is perfect for what I needed it for. ”

New knowledge supplements work at the clinic
Kristin Husby Scheuer enjoys acquiring new knowledge besides her work, and she likes the variation between her job and the time she spends gaining new knowledge at the Master.
I like to learn new things, and I am really happy to be here.

"I can use lot of the new knowledge I gain from the Master right away in my job."

Kristin Husby Scheuer, Neurologist at Bispebjerg Hospital in Denmark, From Denmark

I can use lot of the new knowledge I gain from the Master right away in my job. By studying parttime while you work, you have a connection between the theoretical and the practical dimensions. A patient will ask you a question at work, and you will actually remember this specific person’s face and problem in class. Also I have the opportunity to investigate further if a patient asks a question I am not able to answer right away. It works really well.”

Interdisciplinary learning
The students at the program have all kind of different backgrounds and nationalities and Kristin Husby Scheuer thinks that the diversity in profession and country of origin of the participants contributes to the course.
“The course is very interdisciplinary and there are nurses, dentists and physiotherapists among others. The participants represent different disciplines and they come from all over the world and it allows you to talk to people who look at headache from another perspective. With that kind of interdisciplinarity, the master differs from the courses you take becoming a doctor or to specialize as a doctor. The program covers a wider field. It is really a pleasure to be able to gain new knowledge”.

Interview from 2017