Juliana Ochulor

Juliana Ochulor

Desire to improve and advance
Clinical Nurse Specialist, Juliana Ochulor has worked within many different specialties including neurology. The meeting with headache patients has awakened a desire to progress and advance within the field of headache disorders.

”The Master of Headache Disorders degree will not only enhance my knowledge and experience as a Clinical Nurse Specialist but will equip me better to do my job, and advance my career in headache.”

Juliana Ochulor expects that a master’s degree in headache disorders will improve her daily work and prepare her to advance within the profession.   

Face-to-face with world-class professionals
Juliana Ochulor finds that the lecturers are the main asset of the master’s programme. For Juliana Ochulor, the chance to meet with these world-class professionals and discuss theoretically founded ideas with them, has raised her own level of understanding within the field of headache disorders.

Interview from 2019