Juan Bernardo Gómez-Galvàn

Juan Bernando Gómez-Gàlvan

Direct route towards becoming a headache specialist
Juan Bernardo Gómez-Galvàn wants to become a headache expert.

”The Master of Headache Disorders makes me learn about headaches in a structured and organized way.”

In Spain, the usual way to become a headache specialist is through interaction with many different headache experts and patients, reading scientific literature, and attending congresses within the area. Juan Bernardo Gómez-Galvàn likes the fact that The Master of Headache Disorders presents all aspects of headache in a very structured and organized way, which is speeding up the process of becoming an expert.

Learning from leading experts
Juan Bernardo Gómez-Galvàn points out that all the information is readily accessible on the internet. However, getting the chance to discuss scientific articles with the experts behind them is what makes this master’s programme unique.

 “I think the lecturers are the biggest value of the programme. They change the perception of the programme from just reading articles to us having their personal opinion on the subjects. They have the greatest expertise and this is delivered directly to the students.”

Juan Bernardo Gómez-Galvàn concludes that having world experts telling how they do it in their day-to-day practice, will change his own practice in the future.

Pursuing a career in clinical research
The master’s programme is also a way for Juan Bernardo Gómez-Galvàn to ensure a job of high interest.

 “I would like to pursue a career in clinical research so the MHD is a foundation of basic and clinical knowledge about headache and migraine that will help me to establish successful research afterwards.”

The programme provides basic and clinical knowledge of headaches and migraine, which Juan Bernardo Gómez-Galvàn intend to use to establish his research.

Interview from 2019