Christina Treppendahl

Christina Treppendahl

Studying with “The Gods of Headache”
Christina Treppendahl started specializing in headache medicine in 2010. Christina Treppendahl’s great passion for headache medicine has taken her to headache conferences all over the US and internationally. At one point, Christina Treppendahl met Jes Olesen, who is a Professor at the Danish Headache Center. Jes Olesen convinced her to look at the Master of Headache Disorders.

Christina’s great-grandfather emigrated from Denmark, and she has always hoped to visit the motherland and meet the native Treppendahls. This was the perfect opportunity to realize two dreams.

”I am studying with what I call “The Gods of Headache”, because I have been reading the books that these men and women have written for years. I have this big headache bible called “The Headaches” by Jes Olesen and Peter Goadsby, and the binding is off of it, because I have used it so much. To come and actually study with Jes Olesen and Rigmor Jensen and the others… well, that was just like a dream come true.”

This is the best course ever

“The lecturers are amazing. Every time I come here, I think, this is the best course ever; and then I come back three months later and I am like, well, this is the best course ever.”

The deep science presented during the programme has steepened Christina Treppendahl’s learning curve:

“We all have patient cases in our own respective practices from the many different countries we represent around the globe that are challenging. It is a fabulous opportunity for all of us in headache medicine to present case studies and rigorous discussions about investigations, diagnoses, and treatment options. During the sessions, we are encouraged to ask questions and contribute feedback: we also participate in many small group activities that are specifically designed to make us find solutions for all the world’s problems in headache medicine. It is really very fun, especially when you are doing it as an international group.”

There are not enough headache specialists out there

In 2013, Christina Treppendahl opened up her own independent practice, which has grown into a large headache center in the U.S. Although Christina Treppendahl is certified in headache medicine by the National Headache Foundation, she believes there is a need for formal training:

“At The Headache Center (Ridgeland, Mississippi, USA), I am building the first one-year fellowship training programme in headache medicine that will be offered to Nurse Practitioners and Physicians Assistants in the U.S. My goal is to pass on a legacy to other non-physician providers like myself, who just fall in love with headache medicine and want to devote their careers to that.”

Interview from 2019