Susie Lagrata

Portrait of Susie Lagrata
Headache nurse, United Kingdom

Susie Lagrata is a headache nurse who decided to join the Master because it would add an important dimension to her work.

“I have been working as a headache nurse for over ten years, and I have been exposed to different headache syndromes from the most common disorders to the rarer forms. I know for a fact that headache is a disease with really complex neurobiology, and I really wanted to bridge that knowledge gap.”

 For Susie, the Master was a natural next step in her career.
“Gaining my Master’s was definitely instrumental in my career progression from being a headache nurse specialist to becoming an Advanced Nurse Practitioner in Headache and Neuromodulation.”

Networking and sharing good practice
Taking the Master’s in Denmark was also an obvious choice:
“It is a fact that Copenhagen is one of the biggest headache hubs in the world, with world authorities in headache disorders. It is such an interesting and dynamic place to take this degree.”

Susie Lagrata also especially highlights the fact that all the students of different nationalities have a lot of experience to share with each other.

“This course was an amazing platform to network and share good practice. Having fellow master students that came from different parts of the world and specialties like neurologists, dentists, neurosurgeons and physiotherapists to fellow headache nurses, gave me the opportunity to connect to numerous professionals – all of whom are successful in their careers.”

Go for it
After finishing the programme, Susie can tell a different in the way she works.

“Completing the Master of Headache Disorders has had a huge impact in my daily work. The in-depth knowledge I have gained has given me more confidence in making safe and evidence-based clinic decisions independently. It has significantly changed my practice for the better and has validated my speciality.”

At last, she invites potential future participants to join the programme if the subject of headache interests them. “For those who are interested in the program: Go for it. It is not just an interesting move for your career, but it is also such a huge professional investment. So go for it.”

Interview from 2019