Marco Lisicki

Portrait of Marco Lisicki
Neurologist and researcher at University of Liège in Belgium, from Mexico

Working as a neurologist, Marco Lisicki developed an interest in headache, and he was the program as an opportunity to dive deeper into the subject.

“When I first heard of the programme, it sounded very interesting. After my neurological training I was very intrigued in the field of headache. Now, having finished the program, my diagnostic skills have certainly improved. I have gotten a strong knowledge about a wide range of evidence-based therapeutic alternatives which I can offer my patients,” says Marco.

Face to face with the experts
Marco Lisicki points out that the teachers are the strength of the programme.

“At this programme the teachers are the people who have developed the field and have made some of the historical breakthrough findings. Hearing their first-hand experiences and their interpretation of the papers and the scientific activities is very valuable. You cannot find that elsewhere.”

Marco Lisicki also sees the programme as a way to get a systematization of knowledge of the headache field. “The courses are organized to follow a line of thought and set an order of chronological and of importance to all the publications. This was one of the main aspects for me at this programme”.

Many headache patients will benefit
Marco is confident that the skills he have acquired from Master of Headache Disorders will help both him and his patients in the future.

“I feel far more solid in my work now than I did before the programme. My vision of headache has been largely expanded, and the course has given me the opportunity to revise and ameliorate my clinical practice. I am confident that for every health care professional that takes the course, a large number of headache patients will largely benefit.”

Interview from 2019