Lars Brunholm Falkenhøj Nielsen

Portrait of Lars Brunholm Falkenhøj Nielsen
Physiotherapist from Denmark

Lars Brunholm Falkenhøj Nielsen is familiar with the struggles of headache in more than one way. As a physiotherapist since 2008, Lars has been working with headache patients, but he himself has also been struggling with headache. The headache was caused by an Arnold-Chiari malformation that he and a colleague succeeded to cure. “It got me thinking that if we could cure me, then I could also help other patients suffering from headache,” Lars says.

In order to expand his knowledge and better be able to treat his patients, Lars Brunholm Falkenhøj Nielsen applied for the master. Now, he can use his learnings to help his patients as he had hoped.

“The influence the programme has had on my work has been great. I had 6 years of experience within the field of headaches before I took the Master of Headache Disorders. The programme has made me more competent in making more precise diagnosis than before,”

The physiotherapist as a headache specialist
Lars points out that not all of the teaching is directly transferrable in his daily praxis as a physiotherapist, but he still thinks that the programme is relevant for anyone with the same background as him.

“I have gained new knowledge that makes me realize why some of the techniques I am using work and others don’t. It helps me understand the full picture. As a practicing physiotherapist, I do not give advice on medicine; nevertheless, knowledge on the area helps me to be able to identify which kind of patients take which kind of medicine.”

 “I will definitely recommend the masters programme to others, also to other manual physiotherapists. The knowledge you get about headaches in combination with what a manual practitioner can do to headaches can be a great help to headache patients,” he says.

Interview from 2019