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Clinical Course at a Specialized Headache Center

Clinical Course at a Specialized Headache Centre

The course will present you for real life patients and teach you how to obtain the correct diagnosis, how to interview and inform patients, how to make an optimal management plan and how to follow up on these patients.

All aspects including the role of physiotherapists, nurses, secretaries and psychologists will be covered and you will get hands on experience with injections of botulinum toxin and greater occipital nerve blockades.

The course is organized as a combination of hands on management of patients and lectures, which will be mainly cased based. The course will include homework, where you will have to prepare clinically oriented presentations. At the end you will have learned how a multidisciplinary tertiary headache centre managing complex headache patients is organized and how to put previously acquired theory into practice.

The course covers the following topics:

  • participation in patient interviews,
  • examinations,
  • follow up-visits,
  • prevention strategies
  • interdisciplinary treatments as well as
  • patient communication
  • instructions and strategic discussions with patients and relatives
  • case demonstrations
  • lectures and clinical training in a pediatric headache center
  • hands-on demonstration and practise of injections of botulinum toxin
  • hands-on demonstration and practise of greater occipital nerve blockades

Teaching and learning methods

The teaching methods will include a combination of interactive lectures, patient interviews and presentations, hands-on-classes, group exercises, case studies, journal clubs, essay and computer-based (electronic) learning exercises (WIKIs). Using the Absalon platform or similar for upload of learning materials will allow team work for reading, interpreting and discussing selected scientific articles and cases.

What will you gain?


  • have insight into work at an internationally recognised headache centre
  • strengthen their knowledge about rare types of headache and patients with severe symptoms accompanied by marked comorbidity or treatment resistance
  • acquire knowledge about invasive treatment strategies
  • acquire knowledge about communicating and teaching about headache disorders
  • acquire data
  • evaluate treatment  strategies


  • make the optimal diagnoses of patients with rare and difficult to treat headache disorders
  • take responsibility for their own development and learning
  • initiate relevant interdisciplinary treatment of patients
  • initiate follow up programs and suggest treatment adjustment over time
  • initiate GON-blocks and treatment with Botulinum toxin in relevant patients
  • assess and critically present cases and scientific articles about treatment and multidisciplinary intervention


  • optimise the diagnostic and therapeutic process of rare headache disorders and patients with severe symptoms
  • contribute to future teaching, communication and research in interdisciplinary treatment
  • administer injections of botulinum toxin
  • administer GON-blocks
  • initiate new organisational measures and to develop national and international treatment guidelines on a scientific basis

Course dates:

21. October - 8. November 2019 (Group 1)
13. - 31. January 2020 (Group 2)

Course fee:

  • DKK 15,000 for EU/EEA citizens
  • 21,811 for non-EU/EEA citizens

Application deadline for single course students: 8 weeks prior to course start