05 December 2019

Clinical Course at a Specialized Headache Center

Meet real life patients and learn how to obtain correct diagnosis, how to interview and inform patients, how to make an optimal management plan, and how to follow up on these patients.Scanning of headache patient

All aspects including the role of physiotherapists, nurses, secretaries and psychologists will be covered and you will get hands on experience with injections of botulinum toxin and greater occipital nerve blockades.

The course is organized as a combination of hands on management of patients and lectures, which will be mainly cased based. The course will include homework, where you will have to prepare clinically oriented presentations. At the end you will have learned how a multidisciplinary tertiary headache centre managing complex headache patients is organized and how to put previously acquired theory into practice.


















Course details
Duration: 3 weeks; 15 days of clinical stay

Group 1: 11-15 October 2021 (e-learning) and 18 October - 5 November 2021 (clinical)
Group 2: 3-7 January 2022 (e-learning) and 10-28 January 2022 (clinical)

Only available every second year
Place: The Danish Headache Center, Copenhagen, Denmark
Course fee:
EU/EEA citizens: 15,000 DKK
Non-EU/EEA citizens: 22,000 DKK
Level and credit: Master's course; 10 ECTS
Examination: Exam date 
Application deadline:
Course: 8 weeks prior to course start
Master of Headache Disorders: 1 May 2020
Admission: To be admitted, you must meet the admission criteria for Master of Headache Disorders 

The opening of the application period is announced via the programme newsletter.
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