Lars Bendtsen, MD, PhD, Dr.Med.Sci

Lars Bendtsen is Associate Professor at the Department of Neurology and Danish Headache Center, Rigshospitalet Glostrup, University of Copenhagen.

Dr. Bendtsen received his Ph.D. and Dr.Med.Sci. degrees at the University of Copenhagen. He has actively been involved in headache research since 1991 and has authored over 140 papers and book chapters on headache topics. Dr. Bendtsen is the recipient of the 1997 Glaxo Wellcome Research Prize, 2000 Danish Headache Society Prize for scientific achievements, 2001 Danish Neurological Society’s Roche Prize and 2015 Seymour Diamond Lectureship Award for scientific achievements in neurology. He is past President of the Danish Headache Society.

Dr. Bendtsen is currently co-director of The Danish Headache Centre. His main research interest includes clinical aspects and treatment of migraine and headache in general and more specifically the pathophysiology and management of tension-type headache, medication-overuse headache and trigeminal neuralgia.