Danish Headache Center

The Danish Headache Center is the first headache center in Scandinavia to offer a multidisciplinary ​​approach to the diagnosis and treatment of patients with rare or severe headache disorders and cranial neuralgias.​​ The Center has a long background in pre- and postgraduate teachings for medical students, neurologists, general practitioners, pain specialists, dentists, nurses, psychologists, and physiotherapists. The Danish Headache Center has one of the leading Headache Research Groups in the world and has more than 30 researchers working in a translational research environment covering experimental in-vitro and in-vivo models, human genetics and epidemiology as well as human experimental headache models and development of new treatment modalities. This yields, on average, five PhD thesis and 60 international peer-reviewed articles per year.

The Danish Headache Center has a close international collaboration with leading scientific centers, research and patient organisations. The center is furthermore an active member of

The University of Copenhagen and Danish Headache Center is thus an ideal base for an international Master’s programme in Headache Disorders.

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