Master of Headache Disorders

The Master of Headache Disorders is a continuing professional development programme for healthcare professionals.

Clinical specialist training

This medical master’s programme consists of modules covering headache epidemiology, diagnosis, pathophysiological mechanisms, investigation and management, headache treatment organization, and research.

E-learning prior to on-campus lectures

The programme requires a minimum of 6 individual visits to Copenhagen, Denmark over a two-year period:

  • Modules 1 to 4 are organized with an e-learning self-study period followed by one week of face-to-face sessions at University of Copenhagen.
  • Module 5 is a three week clinical course at the Danish Headache Centre.
  • Module 6 is the final module. This module is comprised of a master’s thesis, which is completed with an oral examination in Denmark.

The programme is a part-time study programme, which makes it possible to combine it with a full-time job.

1st semester
Course 1: Epidemiology and Diagnosis of Headache and Facial Pain 
7,5 ECTS
Course 2: Mechanisms and Comorbidities of Headache and Facial Pain 
7,5 ECTS
2nd semester
Course 3: Investigations and Management of Headache and Facial Pain
7,5 ECTS
Course 4: Organization of Headache Care and Clinical Practice
7,5 ECTS
3rd semester
Course 5: Clinical Course at a Specialized Headache Center
4th semester
Course 6: Master's project