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About the programme

The demand for highly qualified experts in headache disorder is increasing. The University of Copenhagen and the Danish Headache Center have developed the Master of Headache Disorders to educate headache specialists in accordance with established international guidelines. Thereby we strive to help meet the demand for headache specialists and a continuing professional development (CPD) programme for healthcare professionals.

The programme is a part-time study programme which makes it possible to combine it with a full-time job. For more information about the practicalities visit the programme organisation page.

The Master of Headache Disorders will provide healthcare professionals with a CPD programme that will present them to the newest research, a clinical stay at a world-class institution for headache disorders and an opportunity to develop their skills further. The graduates from the programme will be able to:

  • diagnose, do the proper work-up and set up an evidence based treatment plan for each individual patient.
  • be updated on the scientific background, development and methods in headache medicine.
  • work in a multidisciplinary setting, to give each patient the most relevant and best care needed.
  • set up headache clinics.

Read more on the Learning Outcomes on the Master of Headache Disorders programme.

The Master’s programme consists of courses that cover headache epidemiology, diagnosis, pathophysiological mechanisms, investigation and management, headache treatment organization, and research. The programme is a continuing medical education.